Peugeot Supercar Concept Made From Recycled Newspapers And Raw Copper

Peugeot Supercar Concept Made From Recycled Newspapers And Raw Copper

The interior of the Onyx is yesterday's news, literally.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 17 september 2012

Financial belt tightening during the recession has led to fewer outlandish concept cars rolling out of the automotive design studios. Peugeot in fact has made recent news with their own money woes. Still the French automaker isn’t planning to quietly show up to the 2012 Paris Auto Show. We’ve got a preview of a new supercar concept called the Onyx which is a bit crazy.

The first thing to understand about the Onyx is it’ll never get produced which is actually a good thing because this car is more about sparking the imagination. The designers on the project clearly had an interest in exploring the possibilities of new materials used in making a vehicle. And that is one of the signature elements in the Onyx’s design.

Traditionally most supercars get bright flashy paint jobs. Think Ferrari red of Lamborghini’s retina searing lime green. Much of the exterior of the Onyx is carbon fiber painted matte black. The visual punch on the exterior comes in the form of copper panels that are shaped by hand. But even these won’t remain shiny for long. The copper is un-coated and will eventually take on a patina. This that if it was produced, each Onyx would overtime have a unique exterior look.

Inside the Onyx is where interesting material use gets pushed even further. The entire structure of the interior is made of one piece of molded carbon fiber covered in compressed felt. The result is no seams for exterior noise to leak through.

The dashboard is fabricated from a new type of timber called ‘Newspaper Wood’. Layer upon layer of used newspapers are adhered with resin and compressed forming a solid block. The dash was carved out of one of these blocks and displays a veining pattern created by the exposed text on each page. The Onyx questions whether the expensive and precious materials usually used in luxury vehicles seem out of fashion.

The Onyx is set to debut in Paris in a few weeks time along with a matching concept scooter and bike.




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