Rubik’s Cube Table Adjusts To User’s Needs [Pics]

Rubik’s Cube Table Adjusts To User’s Needs [Pics]

ADAPTable is made of six sections that can slide and have built-in tools like a pencil holder or cutting mat that can fold out.

Emma Hutchings

Design company MAMIKIM & Co. have designed a table that allows individuals to customize their work space to best suit their needs. ADAPTable consists of six A4-sized modular panels that can slide and change. Each panel has been designed to fulfill a different function, with in-built tools such as a pencil holder, ruler or cutting mat.

Rubiks Cube Table Adjusts To User’s Needs [Pics]

The workstation has a solid American black walnut top, brass plate bracings, and steel legs, which can provide both high and low desk options by folding down and locking into place. ADAPTable will be on display during the London Design Festival 2012. Click through to see pictures of the table: