Jason Milligan: How To Keep A Younger Audience Focused [PSFK LONDON]

Jason Milligan: How To Keep A Younger Audience Focused [PSFK LONDON]

The Creative Director at Sesame Labs talks about the newly launched partnership with Microsoft Kinect that is driving children's education forward through interaction.

Yi Chen

Jason Milligan, Creative Director of the Content Innovation Lab for Sesame Workshop, showed the evolution of educational programming at the PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON. What started off as a just a children’s TV program, has now evolved into digital and interactive products.

Sesame Street recently partnered with Microsoft to develop programming leveraging the Kinect platform. The project has developed a series of interactive programming that are fun and entertaining. Utilizing the motion-sensors of the Kinect, children can now move around their body and use their voice to make things happen on screen.

Three key take-aways from the talk:

  • Microsoft Kinect makes learning more intuitive, interactive, and entertaining.
  • The more someone is engaged with the content, the more they would get out of it. This is especially true for a younger audience to keep them focused without boring them.
  • Sesame Workshop hopes to utilize every other digital platform to reach kids and develop fun and educational content.

Sesame Workshop / @SesameWorkshop

Images via Games Press and GGS Gamer.


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