Fully Functional ‘Skinny’ House Is Only 47 Inches Wide

In Poland, construction is underway for ‘Etgar Keret’s House,’ a tiny 3 story home that will serve as a workplace and studio.

Architect Jakub Szczesny of Centrala has designed the world’s skinniest house/ art installation, which measures 47 inches at its widest point. Currently being assembled in Warsaw, Poland, ‘Etgar Keret’s House‘ is so narrow that it’s not considered a real building by Polish standards.

The World’s Skinniest House Is 47 Inches Wide

The 3 story house is situated between two buildings and it borrows electricity and receives its water from an off-the-grid plumbing system. It also features remote control stairs that can flatten against the wall when they’re not needed. The building was created for Israeli writer Etgar Keret, who will use it as a workplace when it opens next month. It will also function as a studio for invited guests including young creators and intellectualists from all over the world.

The World’s Skinniest House Is 47 Inches Wide

Etgar Keret’s House