Indoor Planter Hangs Upside Down To Save Floor Space

Patrick Morris’ design has a porous reservoir, which can be refilled through a hole in the top to deliver water to the plant through diffusion.

Designed by Patrick Morris, the Sky Planter is a unique upside-down pot that can be hung from the ceiling. The space-saving planter is great for keen urban gardeners with small apartments. Produced from recycled plastic, the planter uses Slo-flo irrigation technology to deliver the right amount of water directly to the plant’s roots.

Indoor Sky Planter Hangs Upside Down To Save Floor Space

Looking somewhat like a unique lamp, there is a mesh screen around the base of the planter to hold the soil in place, and a float-stick indicates the water level. The Sky Planter is available in three sizes; the small design is $17.95, the medium planter is $27.95, and the large one is $37.95.

Check out the short demonstration video below to see how to set it up:

Sky Planter