‘Social’ Headphones Let Friends Listen To Music Together

‘Social’ Headphones Let Friends Listen To Music Together

Monster's new headphones integrate music sharing into the product design.

Plus Aziz

Monster has quickly built its reputation beyond home entertainment equipment through a series of highly successful collaborations (notably with Beats Audio and Apple) that have solidified it as a fashionable electronics brand.

The company is now focusing on a partnership with media conglomerate Viacom to launch a new pair of headphones which enables listeners to plug into each other’s sets to share/listen to music through a ‘buddy jack.’ The headphones also have cellphone control features and users can follow the  Twitter buzz around the product using the hashtag #INMYDNA.

The headphones, which come in the forms of on-ear and in-ear designs, debuted at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month, and will be available for purchase in mid-October.