Social Networking Bracelet Gathers Personal Data & Matches Users With Similar People Nearby

The Amico Bracelet concept design lets you meet people who have similar social networking profiles, aggregating your info and wirelessly broadcasting your profile within 50 feet.

The Amico Bracelet is a stylish concept designed by Cambridge-based startup company Trovare. It lets you meet other people wearing an Amico who have similar social networking profiles to you. Using the Amico app, you log into your social network and let it run in the background to find matches for you, aggregating your information and wirelessly broadcasting it within 50 meters. If it finds you a match, the Bluetooth-enabled bracelet will alert you by vibrating, giving you the chance to “icebreak with new people creating serendipitous, non-manufactured meetings in real life.”

Bracelet Aggregates Your Social Network Info, Matches You With Someone In The Area With A Similar Profile

You will be notified that a match is nearby but you won’t know what they look like or any other information about them, so you’ll have to find that out for yourself, adding a gamification element to the system.

Amico Bracelet