Workstations Created From Abandoned Houses

The Cleveland Institute of Art needed new workstations so Dan Cuffaro decided to make them out of recycled materials from abandoned homes in the area.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on September 19, 2012.

Dan Cuffaro from the Cleveland Institute of Art decided to make workstations for the school’s design studio using recycled materials from abandoned houses in the area. Working together with companies A Piece of Cleveland and Benchmark Craftsmen, he created the HIVE workstation. These mobile units are on wheels so they can be easily moved to find the best spot to work. They feature a worksurface, storage space, LED lights, and customizable panels.

Workstations Created From Abandoned Houses

The workstations were designed to have a positive impact on the community, meet the needs of generations of design students, and directly benefit the school. They also generated commercial interest and so earlier this year Cuffaro formed his own company, Abeo Design.

Workstations Created From Abandoned Houses

Abeo Design