App Uses Geo-Fencing To Let Parents Know When Their Kids Are Home From School

AirCover Family Locator is a people-tracking app that lets users receive alerts when family members enter and exit certain areas.

AirCover Family Locator is a people-tracking app that lets user geo-fence different areas, so when family members enter them, users receive an automatic alert without people having to actively check in and check out. The real-time family safety app from BlueSprig uses GPS information to quickly let family members know the location and distance between each other, without being too intrusive.

Parents can create “Safe Regions” around key locations so the app lets them know that their children have arrived home safely from school. If they want a closer look at their activity, they can get real-time location data and view “Footprints” of where they’ve been in the last three days.

Create Geo-Fence Regions To Track The Ones You Love

If there is an emergency, users can send a one-touch alert to the rest of their family with options to call emergency services or view the location of the nearest police station, fire station, or hospital. AirCover Family Locator doesn’t require registration to use and family members can easily be added using Shake Technology. The app is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free for a limited time. Check out the video below to learn more:

AirCover Family Locator