Artist Decorates His Entire Body With Wooden Blocks To Create Unique Portraits [Pics]

Levi van Veluw often uses his whole head as a canvas to create interesting 3D artworks.

Yi Chen
Yi Chen on October 30, 2012. @yiiee

Dutch artist Levi van Veluw creates interesting self-portraits by using his whole head as a canvas. Some of his works have included covering his entire face with hair, stones, ink, fake grass, and wood. His most recent artwork titled “Family” included decorating himself and four others with wooden blocks covering every inch of their body. Veluw wanted to recreate a scene from his childhood and the five of them sat around a wooden table and blended into the background.

Another interesting self-portrait was produced when Veluw stuck pieces of light generating foil across his head, which made him look almost computer-generated as he turned around in the dark.

Take a look through the photos below to see some of Veluw’s other interesting self-portraits.

Levi van Veluw 

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