Share Screens With Customer Service Agents To Get Better Assistance

Firefly allows workers to view what customers are seeing on their website without complicated plugins or downloads.

Libby Garrett
Libby Garrett on October 11, 2012. @libby_garrett

Firefly is a new service that makes co-browsing simple, allowing brands to guide customers through websites by co-browsing or sharing screens without needing to install complex plugins or downloads.

When customers get stuck trying to complete a process on your website, customer service agents can – with one button click – get in and share the customer’s screen to walk them through required steps, while your customer’s tabs and screens remain private.

The creation of three University of Pennsylvania undergrads, Firefly replaces the complicated plug-ins and downloads of web-based customer support with one simple snippet of code.

Learn more about Firefly in the video below:


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