Tampon Brand Teaches Companies The Best Way To Respond To Negative Facebook Criticism

The UK feminine hygiene brand was criticized for “lying” about what happens to women when they get their period, and released a video in response to the comment.

Bodyform, a feminine hygiene brand in the UK, was criticized by a Facebook user for “lying” about what happens to women when they get their period. The humourous rant has received over 90,000 likes and encouraged a conversation of over 4,000 comments. Bodyform decided to respond with a tongue-in-cheek video ‘apologizing’ for not being completely truthful about periods.

The comeback features the fictional CEO of Bodyform, Caroline Williams, who addresses Facebook user Richard Neill directly. She talks about the history of the brand’s advertising, explaining that it has maintained this “period myth” instead of focusing on “the blood coursing from our uteri like a crimson landslide”. The video was conceived by Carat and brought to life by Rubber Republic who produced the script and filmed the response. Yulia Kretova, brand controller at Bodyform, said:

We found Richard’s post very amusing and wanted to continue the positive dialogue around periods that this generated. Working with the brand for 5 years breaking down the taboo around Bodyform and periods has always been a challenge and I hope that we have started to address this. Carat has created an original and uniquely personalised response, brilliantly PR-ed by Myriad, allowing Bodyform to quickly engage in consumer conversations in a meaningful way.

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