Taiwanese Restaurant Made Entirely From Cardboard

The Carton Restaurant in Taichung City has cardboard chairs, tables, decorations, and plates, to demonstrate its uses beyond packaging.

The Carton Restaurant inside the Carton King Creativity Park in Taichung City, Taiwan, is a unique place to eat. The chairs, tables, decorations, plates, and dishes are all made of cardboard instead of traditional materials.

Taiwan Restaurant Made Entirely From Cardboard

Designed to demonstrate the potential of cardboard beyond packaging, if anything breaks or is damaged in the restaurant it is simply recycled. Oddity Central reports that if customers have their doubts about whether a cardboard chair is going to fall apart, the chef (who weighs 100kg) comes out to sit on it, and one of the waiters sits on his lap.

Taiwan Restaurant Made Entirely From Cardboard

Check out the video and gallery below a more in-depth look inside the restaurant.

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