Commercial Vertical Farm Opens In The Busy Streets Of Singapore [Pics]

Consumers react positively to the Sky Greens’ urban farming project.

Sky Greens in Singapore has claimed to have built the world’s first “commercial vertical farms.” The see-through pyramid greenhouse is built with a lightweight aluminium frame and is ideal to grow several types of vegetables. According to Sky Greens, the farm can produce product up to one ton of freshly grown produce every other day.

The 30-feet-tall greenhouse makes it viable for city dwellers to eat sustainable products. Everything grown in this vertical farm is sold exclusively at the FairPrice Finest supermarket. Although the cost of the veggies are 10 to 20 cents more compared to the others, consumers are still eager to spend the extra money to eat fresh and reduce their carbon footprints.

Click through the gallery below to see more images of the urban farming structure:

Sky Greens