Concrete Company Debuts A Ready-To-Wear Fashion Line

Apparel and accessory items are created with a new innovative cement inspired textile.

Dave Pinter
Dave Pinter on October 4, 2012. @DavePinter

IVANKA, a Budapest-based design company specializing in concrete projects recently debuted their first fashion collection at the 2012 Paris Fashion Week.

Concrete Genezis is the result of two years of work developing a new textile that mimics the look of the industrial material.

IVANKA’s motivation to pursue a clothing line came out of a photo shoot founders Katalin Ivanka and Andras Ivanka did in which they wore clothing that had been dipped in concrete and allowed to dry. They were intrigued by how the process transformed the character of textiles to something not seen before. The wanted to develop a wearable version which looked ‘hard’ but retained the softness of fabric.

In addition to the apparel, a capsule collection of clutch bags merge actual high-performance concrete with leather.

The line includes sleeves and cases for iPads and Macbooks which combine the concrete fabric with complimentary leather.

IVANKA aren’t new to pushing the design limits of concrete. Their portfolio of products range from speakers to graves markers.





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