Fashion Brand Creates Their Lookbook With Das Racist Exclusively On Instagram

Moss teams up with the hip hop group to showcase their Fall/Winter 2012 collection in a digitally novel way.

Moss is a boutique streetwear brand that used an iPhone 5 and Instagram to capture their Fall/Winter Lookbook.

Lookbooks are usually professionally shot, but the brand decided to take the ‘gloss’ and overdone look out of streetwear by giving hip hop group Das Racist control. Two of the members, HEEMS and DAP, are featured in the lookbook around Brooklyn.

Check out some of the shots below:

Founded by Shahed Serajuddin, Moss has an urban/tribal aesthetic that blurs the lines between high fashion and street style. Part of what underlies such a style is authenticity; this lookbook can be seen as a tactic that underlines that. By partnering with an alternative hip hop group with strong New York roots and leveraging their strong digital presence, the menswear brand garners the appreciation of Das Racist’s fan base and unveils their their latest products in a way never seen before in the fashion world.