Digital Harmonica Lets Users Play Any Sound With Their Breath [Video]

Jamboxx is a hands-free musical device that is versatile, fun, and easy to learn.

Jamboxx allows users to play any synthesized instrument just by breathing into the mouthpiece. The hands-free device is similar to a harmonica and is synced to a software that can be downloaded on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Pro-Suite software provides almost limitless instrument settings and gives users the flexibility to play any sound or pitch.

Playing a melody on Jamboxx is easy to master as the digital instrument is designed for all ages. The concept was originally designed by Dave and Mike, who wanted a versatile instrument that was easy to learn and play. With 42 days to go, Jamboxx hopes to raise $100,000 via Kickstarter in order to produce the hardware and software for the masses.

Watch the video below to see how the musical instrument works.