Facebook Apes Pinterest, Allows Users To Collect Items In A Visual Collage

The social media giant will roll out Collections to let users buy and curate products.

Facebook has recently began testing its ‘Collections’ feature that will allow retailers to add ‘Want’ or ‘Collect’ buttons to product-related posts. The items collected can be saved  in a ‘Wishlist’ and shared with friends. There will also be a ‘Buy’ button where it will take users to the direct site where they can purchase the product.


Collections sound similar to Pinterest where users can curate items by pinning them onto ‘boards,’ but the social media network assures the media that the new feature is “unrelated.” A representative at Facebook recently told TechCruch that:

We’ve seen that businesses often use Pages to share information about their products through photo albums. Today, we are beginning a small test in which a few select businesses will be able to share information about their products through a feature called Collections.  Collections can be discovered in News Feed, and people will be able to engage with these collections and share things they are interested in with their friends. People can click through and buy these items off of  Facebook.


Images courtesy of TechCrunch