Artist Arranges Sliced Fruit To Form Perfectly Geometrical Shapes [Pics]

Sakir Gökçebag cuts apples and watermelons with precision to create perfect squares and circles.

Allie Walker
Allie Walker on October 26, 2012. @NYC_Allie

Your mom may have cut your sandwiches in triangles when you were younger, but Turkish artist Sakir Gökçebag elevates culinary art to an entirely new level. Gökçebag slices and arranges fruits and vegetables in precise arrangements to create stunningly beautiful geometric forms. Gökçebag doesn’t digitally manipulate the images, instead carefully and meticulously placing the food in such a way to create straight lines and perfect circles.

Apples cut in half are meticulously placed side by side to arc and create the perfect circle, watermelons are carved in such a way to create a square with negative space, and snap beans are placed in alternating positions to form a checkered-diamond. Who said geometry wasn’t beautiful?

Click through the gallery to see more of the work, and visit Gökçebag’s site to see the full series:

Sakir Gökçebag

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