NY High Line Designer Will Revamp London’s Olympic Park

NY High Line Designer Will Revamp London’s Olympic Park

James Corner will redesign the south area of the landmark from the 2012 London Games.

Karen Summerson

James Corner, the famous designer of the New York Highline Park, is now spreading his vision to London’s Olympic Park, left mostly abandoned after the final ceremonies this summer. The designer will be revamping the south portion of the park and promises that visitors will have a unique experience when it opens in the spring of 2014.

Corner has made the distinction that this park will be different from the High Line in New York, but similar in their goal “to dramatize sequences of movement and experience.” Says the designer:

The south park was always intended to be more actively programmed. It’s conceived of as a place that will be actively programmed so there’s something on every week – a food festival, a concert, an art show.

The space will include a tree-lined boulevard, which will open out to a series of “outdoor rooms” that will contain different attractions, such as an outdoor theater, a music room, a labyrinth fountain and a play area.

James Corner

Pictures via DesignBoom, Inhabitat, Inhabitat