Hospital Grows Organic Produce On Its Rooftop For Patients

Hospital Grows Organic Produce On Its Rooftop For Patients

A Michigan hospital builds a greenhouse that will grow fresh fruits and vegetables for their patients.

Karen Summerson

A Michigan hospital is adding a holistic element to its mission of wellness. The Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital has installed a greenhouse garden on their rooftop to grow produce, which will help to feed its patients. It also is the centerpiece to new community outreach programs, such as cooking demonstrations, gardening classes, therapy and yoga.

The garden cost approximately $1 million and will save the hospital $20,000 annually. It is completely self-sustaining and utilizes green forms of energy, including geothermal, solar and wind power – and the concept has become popular locally, with other hospitals working to create a healthier, sustainable food source and community resource.

On its website, the hospital shares their mission statement:

At Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, we believe that small changes in what you eat can have a big impact on how you feel. That’s why our new greenhouse – Michigan’s first hospital-based, organic greenhouse – is full of healthy fruits and vegetables, many of which are used in our café and in patient meals. We offer a variety of resources, such as tours, cooking demonstrations and gardening classes, to help you understand the healing power of food. Our goal is to not only create a better quality of life, but to also set a new standard in wellness education.

For more information, visit the garden’s webpage.


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