Passers-By Can Send A Flock Of Digital Birds Flying With Their Phone [Video]

An interactive storefront window invites users to pick up the phone to dial.

Students from NYU Interactive Telecommunication Program created “Bird on a Wire” to allow passers-by to connect with the store window via their phones. The installations is a pair of digital windows placed at a storefront that feature a flock of birds pitched on a telephone wire. Whenever someone calls the designated number displayed on the bottom left corner, the action triggers the animation of the birds to fly around the screen.

The interactive display is created by the Master’s students Ben Light, Chrstie Leece, Inessah Selditz, and Matt Richardson and can be found at the corner of Mercer Street and Washington Place in Manhattan, New York. Bird on a Wire opened on 26 October and can be viewed nightly through to the 29 October.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the installation.

Bird on a Wire