Luxury “Paper Lunch Bag” Made Of Leather

Chic limited edition Bodega Bags from Stampd appear to be classic brown paper bags, but are in fact crafted from 100% full grain leather.

Los Angeles-based brand Stampd has released a leather bag that looks just like a classic brown paper lunchbag. Available in small (8″ high) and medium (11 3/4″ high), the Bodega Bag is made from 100% full grain leather, and was designed and manufactured in L.A.

“Lunchbag”-Like Paper Bags Made From Leather

The plain but chic bags feature the Stampd logo embossed on the bottom and the front. They are limited to 50 pieces for each size and are priced at $90 and $140.

“Lunchbag”-Like Paper Bags Made From Leather

“Lunchbag”-Like Paper Bags Made From Leather