Living Sculpture Made Up Of 25 000 Edible Plants

The Great Crate in Sydney is a sculpture made of recycled plastic boxes filled with growing plants.

The Great Crate is an art installation commissioned for the City of Sydney’s Art & About public art festival. The large structure was installed at Green Square rail station. Developed by Plus One, The Great Crate was a collaboration of creative studios and individuals, including design studio Telly Theodore & Associates, architect Andy Macdonald, and curator Danella Bennett.

Living Sculpture Made Up Of 25,000 Edible Plants

The local community was asked to grow plants from distributed seeds, which then formed part of the giant green cube. 256 recycled green crates were used to house 25,000 edible plants.

Living Sculpture Made Up Of 25,000 Edible Plants

As the festival wrapped up, locals were invited to be a part of the installation’s deconstruction, by taking a container and collecting free plants to create their very own herb garden. Check out the video below to see the sculpture taking shape:

The Great Crate