London Creates Its Own Version Of NYC’s High Line Park

UK capital re-purposes underground infrastructure as public green space.

Taking a cue from the popularity garnered from building New York City’s High Line Park from derelict railroad tracks, London has decided to transform abandoned city space into a green, public place.

The mayor of London, Landscape Institute and Garden Museum held a design competition that garnered 170 submissions, 20 short-listed entries, 4 runner-ups and a winning design called “Pop Down”, an underground walkway that re-purposes old mail-rail tunnels. Fletcher Priest, the design firm, will build urban mushroom gardens along the pathway, which will be lit by fiber-optics and sunlight filtered through sculptural glass-fiber mushrooms at street level. The tunnels are located under Oxford Street.

To see the 20 finalist designs and the winning entry, visit the Landscape Institute webpage.

Landscape Institute

Images via Inhabitat