Critical Mob: 4 New Ideas In Music

A review of A.C. Newman's Shut Down the Streets, the top 15 female artists between 1996-2011, the Best of Critical Questions series and more.

Critical Mob
Critical Mob on October 15, 2012.

Critical Mob, a discovery site that curates, selects, and reviews the best in culture, discusses this week’s top musical picks; read a review for A.C. Newman’s Shut Down the Streets, check out who made our top 15 female artists between 1996-2011, read the Best of Critical Questions series and an interview with Lord Huron, aka Ben Schneider.

A.C. Newman’s Shut Down the Streets

Newman’s third solo album shares many of his band’s signature musical cues, but is still in keeping with the more sober tone of Newman’s earlier solo efforts.

Critical 15: Female Artists 1996-2011

Here’s a selection of great records made by women between 1996 and 2011 that were overlooked by Pitchfork’s voters in their recent piece, “The People’s List”.

Best of Critical Questions: Music Edition

Whether our Q&As are tinged with the eccentric (Flaming Lips virtuoso Wayne Coyne), the classic (Lindsey Buckingham of the iconic Fleetwood Mac), or the cutting edge (electronic music poster girl Bonnie Baxter), let it be told that you’re in for a musical experience.

Critical Questions: Lord Huron

Soon to deliver his full-length debut Lonesome Dreams, Schneider sat down to discuss the influence of multi-national music and his love of the old west.

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