Unique Time-Lapse Shows New York In The Day And Night At The Same Time [Video]

Philip Stockton from the Barbarian Group created a video that shows different spots around the city in the morning and evening in the same frame.

Philip Stockton from the Barbarian Group has created a unique time-lapse video that shows different New York spots in the day vs. the night. Splicing the two video feeds from the same spot during the day and night in the same frame, he shows how different the city looks in different lights.

New York: Night and Day is part animation and part non-traditional time-lapse. Stockton spent around 2-3 months producing the video after work and at weekends. He would stay for 4-8 hours filming day and night scenes around New York City. Then he combined them back into single sequences using rotoscoping techniques to create a mix of night and day in the same shot, exploring the relationships between the different times. You can check out the time-lapse video below:

New York: Night and Day