Job Site Lets Users Shadow Professionals To See If They Like Their Career

LifeSwap is a tool that aims to offer real-life experience by enabling people looking to break into an industry to learn from others.

LifeSwap, known as the ‘AirBnB of careers,’ is an online tool that aims to take networking to the level of actual, real-life experiences. The site eases the stresses of networking during the job search by coordinating career shadowing opportunities. People sign up to host or shadow others in particular careers. Hosts are verified by LifeSwap, and people looking to break into an industry or switch industries can learn from professionals in the area of their choice.

Mashable reports that they can shadow them for a predetermined length of time, at a price set by the host. Current swaps include a baker, dog trainer, Stanford PhD student, henna artist, acting teacher, and an event planner.

Those in the Bay Area can register or request a particular job experience, and the most popular ones usually involve a younger person shadowing an established professional during the workday. Some LifeSwap users have even received job offers after spending time at a company. Check out the video below to learn more about the site: