Springwise: Service Offers Speed Dating For Young, Single Farmers

Springwise: Service Offers Speed Dating For Young, Single Farmers

'Weed Dating' lets this niche market get a chance to meet one another in the hopes of making a match.

Karen Summerson

Over the last few years we’ve seen a resurgence in interest in agriculture among young, green-minded consumers, but it wasn’t until just recently that we came across an effort to address the romantic ramifications for those who make it their career. Because farming tends to be a hard-working and isolated life with long hours and little time or opportunity for socializing, Weed Dating is a new trend popping up across the United States by which young, single farmers get a chance to meet one another in a speed-dating fashion while working side-by-side in the fields.

Rather than brief conversations with potential romantic partners in an urban bar, weed dating means working elbow-to-elbow pulling weeds in a participating farm’s fields. The phenomenon has now been spotted in Maine,Idaho, and Vermont – among other locales – and it offers new hope for rural agriculturalists suffering from a lack of companionship. Women are typically assigned to certain rows for weeding; they, in turn, tell the men switching places every three minutes what needs to be done. The video below explains the concept in more detail:

There’s no denying that necessity is the mother of invention, and Weed Dating provides a relaxed environment for hard-working singles to meet up. Agriculture-minded entrepreneurs in other parts of the world: one to emulate in your area?


Spotted by: Murtaza Patel

Originally published on Springwise, republished with kind permission.

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