New Tech Sends E-Coupons To Users For Products They See On TV In Real-Time

Fujitsu revealed a new patent pending system at CEATEC that transmits URLs, coupons, and other digital info to viewers’ smartphones.

Fujitsu demonstrated a new technology at CEATEC 2012 in Japan that could be an alternative to QR codes on TV. The system embeds digital information on the screen in the form of light flashing at various levels of brightness, which is imperceptible to the human eye.

Fujitsu Demonstrates Alternative To QR Codes On TV

This information (such as URLs, coupons, and other data) can be transmitted from the TV to a viewer’s smartphone. When they’re watching an advert, they could see a prompt to hold their phone up to the screen from up to 2-3 meters away for a few seconds, which would transmit a corresponding coupon or bring up a relevant website on their mobile device.


Photo – House of Japan