Todd Selby Personalizes His Recipe Book With Illustrations & Handwritten Notes [Pics]

Noted fashion photographer turns his focus to creative food.

Todd Selby is a renowned photographer, illustrator, and blogger. His ongoing project is ‘The Selby is in Your Place’ where he photographs creative people in their homes, studios, and interesting places. Now, Selby has turned his focus to food with the launch of his new book “Edible Selby.” Unlike a traditional cook book that is only filled with food photos and recipes, the Edible Selby tells a story with each of the recipes.

Selby’s book features 40 creative profiles who show the readers how to cook up their signature recipes. Accompanying each recipe are colorful illustrations, handwritten notes, and photos that not only focuses on the food, but also the chef, the environment, and how the ingredients came about.

Take a peek at the book in the photos below.

Todd Selby