Volvo Creates Cruise-Control For Traffic Jams To Avoid The Constant Stop-Start

The car company develops follow-the-leader technology that lets drivers automatically trail the car in front in slow-moving traffic.

To make traffic jams a little more tolerable, a new innovation from Volvo brings cruise-control to slow moving traffic. Instead of starting/stopping in traffic jams, the driver will push a button so the car automatically follows the vehicle ahead at speeds of less than 31mph. The car knows how to follow the one ahead through camera and radar sensors, automatically keeping a safe distance between cars. Check out the image below for detail around the technicality of how the technology will work.


Adaptive Cruise Control is an existing feature in the Volvo V40. This is an evolution of that feature inspired by the insights that were generated through Safe Road Trains for the Environment, an initiative funded the EU to advance  ideas in driver safety, comfort, and environmental sustainability. The feature is expected to be in production by 2014.