Watch Brand Donates To Different Charities Based On Which Color Is Purchased

Marketing agency develops a product aimed at alleviating major global problems.

Currently raising funding on IndieGoGo, the 1:Face is a watch with a mission. By harnessing the power of the consumer to benefit the world, watch sales will be directed towards causes like water provision, cancer research, the environment, breast cancer, AIDS, and world hunger.

The mirrored face watches, designed by Fam Mirza of Mirza Minds, display time like a regular watch and come in a variety of bright colors. When the button is pressed on the watch, time displays in white LED, but when not pressed, it looks like a mirror.

Instead of just being a fashion statement, the watches are tied to causes, each color representing a cause and charity. So for every watch sold, proceeds go towards a particular charity – a yellow watch is paired with charity:water, and every 625 sold builds a water well in Rwanda; a black watch goes towards cancer research, and every watch purchased gives support to 8 cancer patients through the American Cancer Society.

Check out the video below for more info.

Check out the 1:Face website or check them out on Indiegogo.