$70,000 Wooden Bike Inspired By A Century-Old Chair [Pics]

$70,000 Wooden Bike Inspired By A Century-Old Chair [Pics]

Historic chair manufacturer Thonet branches out to make unique-shaped bicycles.

Yi Chen

German-Austrian company Thonet is known for its bentwood chairs, especially for its No. 14 chair that was introduced in 1859. Over 150 years later, the classic design of the chair has inspired Thonet to create a concept bike that retains the curves, lines, and structure of the furniture piece.

Thonet collaborated with London-based designer Andy Martin to use its low-tech steam-bending process to develop an innovative and modern fixed-gear road bicycle. The fully functional Thonet Bike includes a wooden frame and seat, and HED H3 carbon wheelset. The limited-edition bicycle will be available for  £43,000 ($70,000).

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