Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic Will Be Filmed Backstage At Three Product Launches

The new movie, based on the biography by Walter Isaacson, will take place in backstage scenes at the Mac, NeXT, and iPod events.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has revealed that the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic will be made up of three 30 minute scenes that take place backstage at the original Mac, NeXT, and iPod launches. Sorkin made the comments at The Hero Summit, saying:

This entire movie is going to be three scenes and three scenes only. That all take place in real time. There will be no time cuts and each will take place before a product launch. Backstage before a product launch. The first one being the Mac, the second one being NeXT, after he had left Apple. And the third one being the iPod.

You can watch his comments about the movie below:

The Hero Summit