Band Releases Record Only On Spotify, Makes It Illegal To Own Physical Copy

Swedish duo Cazzette have released their first album on the music streaming site and it isn’t available to purchase or download.

Swedish DJ duo Cazzette have teamed up with Spotify to release their debut album Eject exclusively on the music streaming site. It won’t be available to purchase in any store or download from any site like iTunes, making it ‘illegal’ to physically own a copy. This first-of-its-kind release is a total disconnect from how artists typically launch an album, and raises questions about who really ‘owns’ music.

Group Releases Record Exclusively On Spotify, Will Be Illegal To Physically Own A Copy

Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Bj√∂rklund are releasing the record in three parts, via a unique Spotify app, on November 13th, December 11th, and January 22nd. The app will house all three parts once they are released and will also feature Cazzette’s favorite club music and remixes, their latest videos, contests, tour dates, and social chatter.