Make A Bike Sound Like A Horse With This Coconut Kit [Video]

Trotify is a wooden device that attaches to your bike’s front brake mount and makes a ‘clip clop’ noise.

Trotify is a wooden device that you can attach to your bike to make it sound like a horse, a la Monty Python. Small studio Original Content London is behind the contraption, and instead of turning to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, they have created their own clever video and landing site to advertise the product.

The kit comes flatpacked for you to assemble at home. It fits to the front brake mount and makes your bike clop like a horse, as the coconut halves clap together. All you need to add is a coconut to turn your bike into a noble steed. The designs are complete and the studio’s supply chain is set up but they need to order at least 1,000 units to make Trotify a reality. Each kit costs £25 + shipping and they take about eight weeks to make, so the first batch should ship in March 2013. You can check out the product video below: