Commemorate Favorite Rides With Wall-Mounted Bike Taxidermy

Commemorate Favorite Rides With Wall-Mounted Bike Taxidermy

When cycles can’t be used anymore, they are often discarded or left to rust-- but why not turn them into something lasting and beautiful?

Don Michael Acelar De Leon

After years of loyal service and wear & tear, your prized bicycle will soon run its natural course and cease to function properly. Instead of junking your bike, why not preserve it as a trophy to remember your biking days by? Regan Appleton, a designer from the Royal College of Art, does just that in his artistic installation, Bicycle Taxidermy.

The unique trophy concept draws from the tradition of mounting game trophies after a good hunting day, only that heads and steering mechanisms of retired bikes take the place of game. Each bike part is carefully mounted on a European oak plaque and adorned with an engraved stainless steel label that commemorates the milestones of the bicycle in the form of an epitaph.


From Appleton:

Crafted in London; the taxidermy service mounts a client’s steed on a scorched or bleached European oak plaque made by Mick, a local joiner. Chrome mounting brackets fix the stem above a stainless steel epitaph etched in Argyll, Scotland, the plaque denotes the horned beasts model, pet name, dates ridden and a commemorative verse. Just fill in the epitaph field on the site and I’ll get it engraved and send out the plaque for you to mount yourself.

Check out more samples of Bicycle Taxidermy in the images below:

Images by Bicycle Taxidermy via Yatzer

Bicycle Taxidermy