Bookstore Leaves Novels Around The City For People To Find

For Weller Book Works in Salt Lake City, design agency Super Top Secret created a guerilla literacy campaign that placed hundreds of texts around town.

Independent bookstore Weller Book Works left 878 books lying around Salt Lake City as part of a guerilla campaign to promote literacy in the community. The free books were specially wrapped in seven custom covers that looked like pulp-fiction but featured slogans like ‘Knowledge is power, consider us your armory’ and ‘A book is the best tool to sharpen a dull mind.’ The bookstore hopes that people who discover one of the books will read it and then leave it somewhere for someone else to find and enjoy.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover: Book Store Distributes Free Books, Disguises Them As Works Of Art For People To Find

Creative Bloq reports that the campaign, known as ‘Operation Book Drop,’ was conceived by Utah-based design agency Super Top Secret, who also created a new logo, branding, and website for the bookstore after it moved to a new retail space.

Weller Book Works