Functional, Collapsible Couch Made From 8000 Tiny Plastic Sticks

Rethinking materials leads an industrial designer to develop a flexible piece of furniture.

The Sofa_XXXX is a collapsible sofa built by 8000 sticks and 2000 rings, all made of recycled plastic. The structure allows the optimally flexible sofa to be morphed into a chair or table as well. The design strategy was developed by Yuya Ushida, a Japanese industrial designer with a background in mechanical engineering. The sofa and a new stool design are being produced by Royal Ahrend NV, a Dutch furniture company.

In his work, Ushida strives to deepen his aesthetic sensibilities by approaching materials, building techniques, and user-friendliness in a strategic manner. Watch a video of the sofa in action.

Yuya Ushida

All images via Inhabitat.