Geographical Topography Applied To Food In Styrofoam Packaging [Pics]

Stefanie Kerr combines food and geography to create an interesting abstract effect.

Yi Chen
Yi Chen on November 23, 2012. @yiiee

German artist Stefanie Kerr has cut quality matboard and photo rag that applies geographical topography to everyday packaged food. Each topography resembles a styrofoam container filled with various foods like meat cuts, vegetables, and sausages.

You can only make out the item from a bird’s eye view, and if you look at it from a lower angle, the food becomes a landscape of curves, terrains, and mountains. Each artwork is entirely executed by hand and is not only named after a real natural landform or habitat, but is also influenced by the ebb and flow of the landscape.

Click through to see more examples from her collection.

Stefanie Kerr