Every Gesture Required To Beat Angry Birds Visualized

Artist Evan Roth used 300 sheets of tracing paper and black ink to capture all the moves he made while completing the game.

Artist Evan Roth‘s installation ‘Angry Birds All Levels’ consists of 300 sheets of tracing paper and black ink, used to visualize all the finger swipes it required for him to complete the mobile game. The result is a gallery of various smudges that show the relatively simple gestures needed in the game.

Each black and white sheet is the same size as the iPhone on which the piece was created. They aim to reveal the amount of time and repetitive gestures required to beat every level, showing a contrast between the excitement of the game and the monotony that takes places in the physical world.

The installation, commissioned by the Science Gallery in Ireland, is part of a larger series called Multi-Touch Paintings. This features various compositions created by performing simple routine tasks on touchscreen devices with inked fingers. Check out the short video below to see ‘Angry Birds All Levels':

Evan Roth