12 Stories You Need To Know Today

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Apple fires its Maps manager, Cyber Monday sales increase by 30%, and the new iMac will go on sale Friday...Links to start your day with.

Andrew Vaterlaus-Staby, PSFK Labs

Google Nexus sells out in just 30 minutes. Business Insider

Apple fires the manager of its ‘Maps’ application project. All Things D hits 25 million users. Endgadget

Twitter generated 0% ofBlack Friday sales? Mashable

Google integrates drive into Gmail to allow for large file transfers. CNet

How Amazon invented the future of computing. Wired

Cyber Monday sales up 30% compared to 2011. Mashable

Time person of the year… Mars Rover? Wired

The number of apps vs. revenue in Windows 8 Store and the Apple Store. TechCrunch

How a fake press release on a Google acquisition fooled the media. Wired

Chevy launches support for Siri. Endgadget

Apple’s new iMac to go on sale Friday. TechCrunch

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