Holiday Dinner Comes In A Convenient Can That Heats Itself Up

Hotcan provides a delicious warm meal without the hassle of cooking it.

Christmas Dinner HotCan is a festive meal to be enjoyed straight from the can without the hassle of cooking it. The turkey casserole conveniently heats itself up in the can without the need for a stove, microwave, or kettle. When you’re ready to eat it, simply take off the rubber cap, pierce the outer jacket with the included key, open the can, and wait 12 minutes for the meal to heat up.

HotCan works as the outer layer of the can is filled with processed granular limestones, and the top of the can contains a water sachet. When the person pierces the holes, the sachet gets punctuated and the water naturally reacts with the limestones to produce the heat.

The brand also carries other flavors, such as chicken curry, vegetable chilli, and creamy rice pudding.