Hyundai Interactive Campus Lets Artists Design Large-Scale Installations

Automotive company’s university employs a giant video wall to educate and inspire its students.

Hyundai Motor Group has recently opened the doors of its Mabuk Education Campus, which instructs the future leaders of the company by teaching them to innovate in new ways. Divided into three core sections, the one massive building has a very unique room that has many talking.

Calling this room ‘The Vision Hall,’ Hyundai has created an entire 16k video wall, which also incorporates 32-channel surround sound. Measuring in at 25 meters in width and 3.9 meters in height, the wall allows Hyundai designers, partner agencies and artists to create visual art installations on an epic scale.

View the below video to gain a first hand experience of Hyundai’s Vision Hall:

Hyundai Vision Hall