Insurance Agency Overlays AR Animations Around House To Show Hidden Dangers

In a clever promotion for Allianz insurance, a pop-up house was built to highlight potential home accidents.

ARworks and Grey/G2 Budapest created a clever promotion for Allianz by building a pop-up house in the center of Budapest that featured several augmented reality experiences to showcase hidden dangers.

They developed an AR app with ten different 10-30 sec 3D animations so visitors could find out about small accidents that could happen in their home. On arrival, people were handed an iPad, which they could use to check different parts of the building. In certain areas they were shown potential accidents, which were happening to the actual objects in the house, using augmented reality. For example, the toaster starts to sparkle and smoke, the aquarium cracks and breaks, and the bathroom sink floods the floor. Check out the video below to see the app in action: