Paper Grocery Price Labels Replaced With LCD Displays

Instead of having to print out new signs when food items go on sale or change price, ZBD Solutions offers low-power screens.

UK company ZBD Solutions are commercialising an e-paper display for shelf-edge labelling in supermarkets and other retail stores. Instead of having to manually print out new labels when food items go on sale or change price, these low-power screens can be updated wirelessly and can retain their display even when the power is removed.

Technology Replaces Paper Shopping Labels With LCD Displays

Developed through research undertaken at the liquid crystal research centre at DERA, the technology was created by applying a sub-micron grating onto the inside of an LCD display. The e-paper displays can be manufactured at low cost on a conventional production line.

ZBD Solutions has also developed its own low-power wireless networking technology, enabling retailers to update hundreds of e-paper displays from a central source to ensure that pricing and other information is always accurate and consistent. You can learn more about this technology in the video below:

ZBD Solutions