Mercedes Cars That Can Automatically Brake & Swerve Around Pedestrians [Video]

Continental’s stereo camera can work alongside its Emergency Steer Assist system to prevent collisions.

According to Automotive News, the next generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class that will be unveiled next year might debut Continental’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) business unit. The ADAS uses a stereo camera that can analyze the difference between two images. Stereoscopic vision allows the technology to better detect objects ahead by determining their size and distance.

The system can work alongside Continental’s Emergency Steer Assist (ESA), which can automatically brake and steer for the driver to avoid collision. However, Continental confirmed that ESA won’t be implemented on the new Mercedes S-Class. View the video below to see how ESA works with the stereo camera:

There has been a trend in the automotive industry to implement technology that can automatically takeover from the driver as a safety precaution. Recently, we also reported a similar feature with Nissan’s Autonomous Emergency Steering System.