Moleskine Book Doubles As Video App & Instagram Filters

AbracadabrApp is an analog tool for your phone that lets you mix front and back video views easily with a portable mirror.

Barcelona agency Honest&Smile have created a modified Moleskine notebook that works as an analog app for the iPhone. The ‘AbracadabrApp‘, which has support from Moleskine, includes a portable mirror that lets you mix front and back views, and a slot to hold the iPhone. This makes it possible to capture different angles and record two people on opposite sides at once.

Special Moleskine & Analog App Mix Views For iPhone Pics

It also features three ‘handyfilters’ for image effects and works as a notebook too, of course. The project is currently raising funds on Rock The Post and you can pre-order a hand-crafted AbracadabrApp for a pledge of $28. Check out the video below to see the modified notebook: