Mythical Creatures Star In Travel Posters For Their Various Homelands

Art inspired by classic travel posters features legendary critters instead of geographical landmarks.


Los Angeles-based graphic artist and designer Fernando Reza’s original takes on retro travel posters replace a location’s traditional architecture and landmark iconography with the mythical creatures that live there. Instead of looming skyscrapers, Manhattan is overrun with alligators in the sewers. Chupacabras, the sly mammal that sucks the blood from livestock, promotes Puerto Rico. The artwork for Derbyshire, UK displays their pesky woodland fairies. Perhaps, most infamous of all, Scotland’s poster features Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, while Nessie’s North American counterpart, Bigfoot, graces the poster for the U.S.A.

What other destinations could highlight their fairy-tale beasts?

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